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Best Hindi Shayari Collection On Life 2020

Do you like Hindi Shayari? So you are welcome to our webpage. You will now find many types of Sayari in Hindi. Hindi Shayari Collection Like Love Shayari, Sad Shayari, Romantic Shayari, Dosti Shayari, Good Morning Shayari, Funny Shayari, etc. From the Hindi Shayari Collection page, you can collect all kinds of Shayari with HD Photos.

If you need to impress a lover for love, from now on you can impress a lover by collecting and share a new love sari. The lover must be an imprint through the Shayari of this love.

If your lover is angry with you in some way, from now on you can gather your Sad Shayari and share it with your lover to get angry.

You’re in a romantic mood, and you want to see your loved ones in a romantic mood? Here are an unlimited Romantic Shayari for you.

You can use these Hindi Shayari pictures as your Whatsapp/Facebook status to precise that you’re aggravated with the person who you actually love and don’t wish to lose them.

People actually get pleasure from Hindi Shayari Collection or likely alone Shayari in Hindi when they’re alone like within the night time. But different-different people get pleasure from this in different-different methods. Some get pleasure from studying, some to put in writing and others to take heed to Hindi Shayari.

Education Motivational Shayari

Best Education Motivational Shayari in Hindi

This page is specifically designed for students. From this page, you will find Best Education Motivational Shayari in Hindi. And how to motivate your mind is in the form of Education Motivational Shayari. So let’s start motivating your mind.

Motivational Shayari in Hindi

motivational shayari

मुश्किल नहीं है कुछ दुनिया में,
तू जरा हिम्मत तो कर…
ख्वाब बदलेंगे हकीकत में,
तू ज़रा कोशिश तो कर…

Muskil Nahi Hai Kuchh Duniya Me,
Tu Jara Himmat To Kar…
Khoub Badalega Hakikat Me,
Tu Jara Kosis To Kar…

Best Motivational Shayari in Hindi

Are you suffering from failure? Sorry about that? No reason to regret? Keep up the work and the learning continue will see success run behind you.

motivational shayari in hindi

आंधियाँ सदा चलती नहीं,
मुश्किलें सदा रहती नहीं…
मिलेगी तुझे मंजिल तेरी,
बस तू ज़रा कोशिश तो कर…

Andhiya Sada Chati Nahi,
Muskile Sada ahni Nahi…
Milegi Tujhe Manjil Teri,
Bas Tu Jara Kosis To Kar…

Best Education Motivational Shayari in Hindi

Try to forget what has happened before. Thinking back, it would be just a prank. But there will be no profit. And profit is not by fault. Keep on doing your work, then success is slowly obliged.

motivational shayari for students

गुजरी हुई जिंदगी को कभी याद न कर,
तकदीर मे जो लिखा है,
उसकी फर्याद न कर…

Gujri Hu E Jindegi Ko Kabhi Yad Na Kar,
Takdir Me Jo Likha Hai,
Usko Pharyad Na Kar…